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After having passed my Masters in Social Work I was able to gain 19 years of experience with child and youth welfare work. Between 2000 and 2019 we hosted more than 20 children and youth full time on our farm, some of them having major traumas or being mentally retarded. Agricultural life, being rich in natural stimuli, offered them a rich but also protected framework to recover and grow both physically as well as mentally.

Fascinated by the potential of the human mind to be able to influence its own perception and thereby to be able to 're-invent' itself and its surrounding world at any given moment, I first went through a two-year training as an Art Therapist. Between 2013 and 2015 I added a training to become a Child and Youth Therapist. Since 2015 I study the psychological methods and practices of Tibetan Buddhism to further deepen my understanding of the human mind..

Individual and Group Coaching

Being your personal coach, your confidential counsellor for challenging personal issues, a professional support during difficult times. Learning from each other to develop ones own inner wisdom, this is the focus of our coaching program.

Parental & Family Coaching

Helplessness, family overload and exhaustion are nowadays common phenomena of parents having to deal with childcare, relationship and work. We offer you the possibility for joint reflection and the systematic elaboration of alternative ways of dealing with childcare as well as respectful and loving interaction with each other.

Mindfulness Training

Mindfulness is the source of our joy and happiness. Each one of us carries the seeds for happiness deep inside. Pausing, slowing down, finding Inner peace and freedom we are training within everyday Situations and with methods applicable to everyday life.

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Not only to find temporary relaxation but to search for the deeper causes of our suffering and happiness, getting to know ones own mind in a more profound way and thereby increasing ones freedom of choice, these are the goals of our meditation program.

On request we develop individual programs for School classes and Kindergarden groups.

Pedagogical Farm Education