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 -  living a simple and happy life

Autonomy and climate protection

In 2003 we bought this farm outside the town of Oberkirch which is well known for its wine production. After a lot of renovation work we started our small organic production of vegetables and animal products. We have 20 Goats, 50 Chicken, 5 Geese, 2 Draft Horses and 4 Wild Horses.

The focus of our work is to be self-sufficient with healthy and naturally produced food and at the same time eliminating the use of chemicals and protecting the environment by saving transportation of food items.

Through our investments into renewable energies (on house PV system), through the use of electric vehicles with our own electricty and by heating exclusively with the wood from our own forest we were able to reduce our ecological footprint (CO2 emissions) to 1/4 of the German average. Thereby we are far ahead of the national climate protection goals.

Non-violent agriculture

Since we were no longer satisfied with "just" doing organic farming we started to practice non-violent agriculture in 2016. This means we do not even use pesticides and herbicides, not even the natural ones permitted by the Bioland Association. We make all possible effort not to purposely kill anyliving being during our agricultural activities, no matter how small it may be. We use only organic manure on our grassland and in our vegetable garden which we get from our Goats, Horses, Chicken and Geese. All our animals, even when they no longer produce any more, are kept well and fed well until they die from some natural cause.

Happiness instead to consumerism

Another contribution to environmental protection we see in having learnt to appreciate a simple and meaningful life and deriving a lot of joy and satisfaction from this. We therefore don't see much need to search for happiness through constant entertainment and consumption but instead we enjoy our small contribution for a better world and the encounters with various people along the way.