For us spirituality is not something aloof, something in the sky and separate from daily life but an expression of a good motivation in manifold forms of being and acting. Therefore it is natural for us to have the basic understanding, that generally each living being, as small as it may be, only wants happiness according to its possibilities and doesn't want suffering, just as we do! This is why we practice Non-Violent Agriculture and strive in our daily life not to harm or intentionally kill any living being, not even mosquitoes! On our farm we therefore do not slaughter animals and we do not consume meat. We have become vegetarian many years ago and we see the animals which live with us almost like trade partners: We provide them food, shelter and medical care and they share their natural products like eggs and milk with us. From our goat milk we produce many varieties of cheese as well as yoghurt for our own consumption. In our vegetable production we do not use pesticides or herbicides, not even the natural ones permitted by the organic farmer's association, since their use also kills many small insects. To fertilise our fields we only use the natural manure of our own goats, horses and chicken. When necessary we treat our vegetable plants with homeopathic medicines. We also discovered a homeopathic repellant for slugs which keeps them away without the need to kill them. There is so much grassland around our vegetable garden where they can lead a happy slug's life.

Barbara entered her spiritual life through Christianity and her social work. For more than 20 years she was strongly enganged with various christian communities and studied the Bible from front to back in all detail. In her search for even deeper knowledge and wisdom, she started to study Buddhism in 2015. Since then she extensively studies the scriptures of the Tibetan Lam Rim and strives to put them into practice during her daily life. During part of the day she devotes herself to selected meditation practices.

Gerald did his Masters in 1993 in the field of International Relations. During his studies he started to deal with spiritual issues. Study as well as work exposures to India, Sri Lanka, Ruanda, Burundi, Sudan, Kenya and Tanzania posed many unanswered questions to him. In search for a deeper understanding of life he started his studies and practice of tibetan Buddhismus in 1995. Since then he was able to spend several years in meditational seclusion, following the advice of his personal spiritual guide.