Environmental Education

Climate protection and me - facing reality

Climate protection is not something we should leave to be achieved solely by the efforts of politicians. Each one of us, by our mere existence and our consumption of resources and service, produces a more or less large amount of CO2, which has been prooved to change our world's climate.

The set political goals can only be achieved, if as many people as possible start with changing their own lifestyles. By using a CO2 calculator for example, we can check where we are right now to be able to think about possible fields of adjusting our behavoiur.

Becoming Vegetarian

There are many good reasons for living a vegetarian life. It's more healthy, gives less harm to the environment and allows the animals who would otherwise be slaughtered to live a happy life. So what do we wait for?

For many of us it is mere habit, lack of ideas or laziness to change which make us hold on to 'good' old ways. But, if we open our mind to something new, then an inter-esting, international adventure can begin.

Have you ever enjoyed a Pizza Margharita, a Falafel or an Indian Curry? The choice of vegetarian dishes is so rich and deciding to make a change isn't that difficult at all.

Making use of renewable enery

Despite of all environmental problems we have, we are also living during a time of immense potentials for change. Green power has come into the reach of most people and is only slightly more expensive than power produced from nuclear plants or fossile fuels. Photovoltaic systems, solar thermal energy, wind energy and hydropower are becoming cheaper and more easily accessible for private households. In view of rising energy costs they are also a profitable investment in many countries.

E-mobility is on the rise. If you are able to generate your own electricity then you can even power your vehicles by yourself. You then not only protect the environment but also save a lot of money.

A home storage facility also allows you to save the energy produced during the day and supply your house at night. Some e-cars nowadays even have this facility build into their systems.

Becoming a sensible consumer

It is not possible nor desirable to abandon all consumption. We all need food, clothing, shelter and transportation. Our mere existence is unavoidably a burden for the environment. Concerning the kind and extent of our consumerism and the type of products we buy, we however have a lot of freedom of choice.

The topics we can address in this regard are manyfold:

  • Consumerism itself as a path to happiness? - recognising ones true needs and making more conscious choices
  • One way articles or quality products?
  • Avoiding plastic
  • Avoiding one way batteries
  • Organic instead of conventional food?
  • Regional instead of international?
  • Buying seasonal fruits and vegetables instead of having everything always at hand